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What if you could annihilate your clutter once and for all?

If you're ready to tackle the mess and get your home in shape, this Retake Your Space Decluttering Guide is for you!

Retake Your Space Decluttering Cover

You've gotten rid of items that don't spark joy and tossed the trash, but your home still isn't a place you love to be.

If you've tried decluttering but haven't gotten the results you're after, this strategy could be the secret weapon you've been looking for!

This 26 page guide walks you through every step of the process, from emptying the room, creating a vision and furniture plan for the room, to guidance on how to determine what to return to your newly cleared space.

You'll gain the confidence you need to finally make some lasting changes!

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Features & Benefits

A No-nonsense approach

Get dramatic results in as little as one weekend.  No need to spend weeks or months simplifying your space.  This tool gives you the support you need to cut through the clutter- fast!

Retake your space Neutral nursery with cradle and chair

Why it works

Learn the reasoning behind the method and why it magnifies your level of success. 

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Step-by-step guide

A detailed guide to support you each step of the process.

See how this no-nonsense method is the trick to decluttering your home for good!

what others have to say...

"Over the last week I have removed over 450 items from my house!!!! I cleared my basement, then moved our master bedroom to the basement and moved our oldest daughter into our old room so that all 3 kids could have their own room. It felt so great to see all of those spaces empty and then repurposed and organized! Karen really captured the benefits of emptying a room before decluttering! I have noticed a major reduction in stress and tidying up time around the house since embarking on this decluttering adventure!"
Wife & mama of 3


While the program is designed to be accomplished in as little as a weekend, the amount of time it takes will depend upon how deep you want to dig at each step. You can spread out the process, but keep in mind that the sooner you get it finished, the better you’ll feel- and the more motivated you’ll be to tackle another space!

This system has been used by myself, and others, to achieve dramatic results in a short period of time.  While you might opt to do more or less at each level, the steps should be completed in order to achieve the results you’re after. The method has been organized to optimize your success!

While this system incorporates some traditional decluttering elements, it is designed to produce big results through targeted, intentional steps.  This system does not use gradual methods drawn out over time.  It’s intense and systematic, and results are impressive.

You will get the most out the program if you follow the steps as outlined.  It’s understandable if you cannot move large pieces of furniture or if you have no additional space where you can relocate them.  The program will still deliver an amazing transformation in your space.

The Retake Your Space Decluttering Guide is the tool you need to radically transform your home in record time!

Reclaim your space and transform your home.
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