Find money to invest without having to come up with extra cash! Spend an hour following this frugal living strategy to find investment money and build wealth without having to work harder than you already do! #findmoney #invest #frugalliving #extracash #savemoney #buildwealth
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Find Money: How I Made $160,000 in One Hour…and You Can, Too!

Ways to find money to invest with no extra cash


Overview: Learn tips to reduce your money bills so that you can find money to invest in your future. 

There are some bills I just hate paying.  I don’t begrudge the mortgage. Or the grocery bill. Or the gas and electric.  They justify their expense. Basic necessities. It’s the other bills, the miscellaneous ones, that I detest spending our hard-earned money on.

“We pay that much just for someone to remove our trash!?!”  

“How has our internet bill doubled in the last five years?!?”

“It’s just a phone.  Why does it cost so much!?!”

These bills add up to  They frustrate me. And honestly, it’s ridiculous what some companies charge for services!  

So, instead of sitting idly by, complaining about throwing money out the window, I decided to do something about it- and you can, too!  By reducing monthly bills, you can find money to invest without having to work any harder or earn any more income.

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Follow these five easy steps to reduce your monthly bills and increase your personal wealth!

1. Find Money: The Search

Look over your finances.  Find the bills that make you angry or seem out of line for what you get.  Chances are, if you are frustrated about paying that amount, you can find someone else who will do it cheaper.  Yay, capitalism!

2. Comparison Shop

Spend some time investigating these bills.  Search for companies that offer similar services for less expense. Also, consider if the company you are currently using offers cheaper packages or is offering some special deal.

I spent an hour calling local service providers to discuss what other options were out there.  The result? I switched trash companies and internet providers and it’s going to save us $45 a month!

3.  Make The Changes

Once you find some better options, commit to making the changes.  It might be inconvenient to switch services that require new installation, but the money saved each month will definitely pay for the short term, minor inconvenience of switching.

By changing companies, we are saving money without compromising basic services. We will still have home internet.  And trash service. We won’t have to become disconnected hoarders to make this work.

This isn’t the give up your daily coffee and see what your money can turn into philosophy (although I completely ascribe to that!).  This is the call around so you stop wasting your money philosophy.  Find places to save so you can do more with what you make.  If you need more inspiration on where to start, be sure to check out this list of 28 financial goals.

Download our free, simple financial goals printables to keep track of your progress!

4. Find Money: Invest the Difference

Let’s say that instead of giving away those hard-earned dollars to the trash man and internet company, we invest it.  Historically, the 30-year return of the S&P 500 has been about 11%.  For my calculations, I used 10%.  Check out the results:

Ways to find money to invest with no extra cash
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That same $45 invested each month over the next 35 years turns into nearly $161,000!  Did you catch that? I pay less for internet…less for trash…and it turns into over $160,000.

The number one reason people don’t invest in the stock market is that they don’t feel they can afford to. Sure, markets can be volatile. Yes, choosing the right investments might seem tricky. But, the bottom line is, people don’t invest because they can’t seem to find the money. 

If you’re ready to finally stop making excuses and start making investments that make you money, check out my post on how to set financial goals you’ll actually accomplish!

5. Sit Back and Smile- your money is working for you now!

The beauty of investigating your expenses and finding places to save is that you get to give yourself a raise without groveling to your boss!  And, since those dollars weren’t doing anything anyway, you won’t miss them if you turn around and invest them.  That, my friends, is being smart with money!


Find Money- Make Your Dollars Work for You

Sometimes building wealth is about working smarter, not harder. Do yourself a favor- spend an hour this week looking at your finances.  Find places where you can trim your monthly expenses.


  • Bills that seem too high
  • Services that can be adjusted without compromising quality, such as insurance carriers
  • Repeat services, such as subscribing to both Netflix and Hulu
  • Subscriptions you pay for but don’t really use (magazines, software, apps, online websites, etc.)

Once you have tweaked those pesky bills that steal your hard-earned funds, head over to Dave Ramsey’s Investment Calculator and see how much your hour of phone calls has earned you!  Then, take those newfound green beauties and head over to Vanguard where you can start investing that cash with confidence!

The best part about this strategy?  You won’t notice the difference in your monthly budget, but it will definitely impact your financial future!  

I turned one hour of work into over $160,000. How about you? Tell us how much you made in the comments!

Download our printable worksheet to start setting and tracking your financial goals today! It’s easy to use and completely free!

Find money to invest without having to come up with extra cash! Spend an hour following this frugal living strategy to find investment money and build wealth without having to work harder than you already do! #findmoney #invest #frugalliving #extracash #savemoney #buildwealth


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