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Dye Eggs for Easter with Rice


When I was a kid, there was nothing better than getting all of our girl cousins together to dye eggs for Easter. I have such fond memories of dunking eggs out on my aunt’s screen porch- patiently blowing on them to get them to dry; dipping them into boiling water to make the plastic wrapper shrink down on my newly minted creation.

Nowadays there are soooo many cool ways to dye eggs for Easter! Neon food coloring, stickers, wax kits, henna….the possibilities are endless!

Of course, with littles, dyeing eggs for Easter can also be a huge mess and inconvenience! Nothing like a cup of spilled dye to ruin your afternoon.

If you’re looking for a fun, low mess technique for making some fantastic looking Easter eggs, this is for you! This method uses ingredients you probably already have on hand- yay for last minute DIY crafts! Plus, this method uses rice, so no more stinky vinegar!  Now you can dye eggs with food coloring without the mess!

Dye Eggs for Easter with Rice

Egg dyeing supplies:

Rice (long grain is preferred, but short grain will work)

Ziploc sandwich bags

Food coloring

How to dye eggs for Easter:

Scoop a half cup of rice into a bag. Add drops of food coloring (I’ve added some fun recipes at the bottom of this post for you color wheel challenged mamas!).  Shake/mix rice in bag until color is fully incorporated into the rice. Add additional coloring & mix again until the desired level of saturation is achieved.  The more drops you use, the deeper the color will turn out.


Repeat process for each color you’d like to use.

Applying egg dye:

Add an egg to the sandwich bag (room temperature eggs work best). Swirl around with your hands to coat egg until it reaches the desired level of color.

Remove egg from the bag and set out to dry.  Don’t worry if some rice sticks to the eggs.   It will easily brush off once the egg dries.

Once the egg is dry, place into a new baggie of color, if desired. Dyeing eggs in multiple colors will result in a marbled effect.

Egg dyeing color creations

If you’d like to try some color creations that go beyond the primary color wheel, check out some of these options:

Watermelon: 24 red drops, 2 blue drops  (ratio: 12 red to every 1 blue)

Orange: 2 red drops, 17 yellow drops (ratio: 1 red to every 8/9 yellow)

Lime: 24 yellow drops, 12 green drops (ratio: 2 yellow to every 1 green)

Mint: 14 green drops, 6 yellow drops (ratio: 7 green to every 3 yellow)

Teal: 15 green drops, 5 blue drops (ratio: 3 green to every 1 blue)

Spearmint: 12 green drops, 6 yellow drops, 2 blue drops (ratio: 6 green to 3 yellow to 1 blue)

Grape: 17 blue drops, 4 red drops (ratio: 8/9 blue to every 2 red)

Violet: 2 red drops, 20 blue drops (ratio: 1 red to every 10 blue)

Fuchsia: 18 red drops, 2 blue drops (ratio: 9 red to every 1 blue)

Cranberry: 14 red drops, 6 blue drops (ratio: 7 red to every 3 blue)

Plum: 10 red drops, 4 blue drops (ratio: 5 red to every 2 blue)

Remember, if these colors aren’t as deep as you’d prefer, continue to add dye.  Just be certain to follow the ratio to ensure the color stays consistent.

If the colors start to lose their effect, but you are low on dye, try adding a half teaspoon of room temperature water to your bags of rice and mix it throughout.  Continue adding half teaspoons of water until you get the saturation level you desire.

Create beautiful Easter eggs without the mess!

And that’s all there is to it!  Talk about a fun, no mess egg dyeing activity!  Your kiddos will love creating one of a kind egg creations, and you’ll love how quickly and easily you can pull this activity together- and clean up afterward!


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