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Hey there, friend!  I’m Karen, and I help overwhelmed moms simplify their spaces & style them on a budget so that they can love the home they’re in. I’m dedicated to helping others simplify their spaces and find their own unique style. 

I have been on a journey to slow down and simplify our home for several years now.  I’ve also been working hard to turn our ugly fixer-upper into a beautiful space to raise our family.  I’ve learned a lot during that time, and I’m excited to share all my tips and tricks with you!

But, if we’re going to become internet BFF’ s, you should probably know more about me.  

  1. I’m a former elementary school teacher of 15 years.  I put my teaching career on hold to stay home with our boys, EJ & Jack Jack (if you’ve ever seen Incredibles, our youngest fits that description to a T! 😆)
  2. My husband Ryan and I have been married since 2012, although he’s tolerated my antics a few years longer than that.

    Don’t let him lie to you. I put up with his antics, too!
  3. You can usually find me procrastinating on my to-do list, sipping coffee out on the deck, listening to the birds.
  4. I love a good documentary and secretly enjoy reading nonfiction books.  
  5. I have a fascination with world cultures and love adventuring through this beautiful world God created!

    Hiking the Pihea Trail in Kauai
  6. Ryan & I bought a fixer upper foreclosure back in 2013.  We have been DIY-ing it ever since.  Our home is a source of great accomplishment and angst.  Someday it might even get finished. 
  7. I was accidentally born in Ohio instead of Hawaii. Photo proof in point #5.
  8. Ryan is convinced I’m a hippie because of my love for whole foods and essential oils.  
  9. My home is filled with casual, vintage decor.  I think of my home as a space to curate my favorite things and share them with those I love. I enjoy designing spaces that are clear of clutter but welcoming, cozy and clean.
  10. I find joy in talking budgets and sharing frugal living tips.  Seriously.  I know.  Nerd Alert.
  11. I’m obsessed with creating a simplified home and life for myself.  I seek a tribe of others who want the same.
  12. The first thing I look at when we are planning a trip might be local attractions.  Or, it might be restaurants, so I can plan what unique foods I will eat.  You’ll never know.
  13. Sometimes we make life decisions through much talking, praying, and seeking the advice of others.  Other times, we wing it.

    bride and groom rock paper scissors during wedding ceremony on beach
    We never discussed who would share their wedding vows first. This was our diplomatic solution. 
  14. I hope to one day have a location independent income so I can be free to travel the world.
  15. I am on a journey to live an intentional life.  I want to embrace the everyday moments and take them in instead of being distracted by things that don’t matter.
  16. My hubby and I enjoy going on photography adventures and would be travel photographers in another life.  You know, if we had more talent.  Or I had the patience to learn the manual settings on our DSLR.[easy-image-collage id=762] 
  17. I love to cook a good meal for friends and top it off with an Italian cappuccino.
  18. I’m highly motivated when I decide to set my mind to something.  I’m highly wishy-washy otherwise. 
  19. I have struggled with my weight since I can remember, which has led to a pretty witty & slightly sarcastic disposition. 
  20. I’d live in a tiny house if my husband wouldn’t divorce me.

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